Types of Addiction Rehab Treatments

The journey to a sober and healthy life by overcoming the addiction is not an easy or quick journey. In fact, it is actually a lifetime commitment of hard work and dedication, which is really well worth of this effort. Like other journeys, the procedure of sobriety also starts with some easy steps forward. Though the particular steps of the addiction rehabilitation procedure vary according to the addiction, the addict and the treatment plan used in it, but all kinds of drug rehab procedures share some kind of similarities.

While it comes to any addiction rehabilitation programs like alcohol addiction treatment, there is actually no lack of information, but still it is important for every addict or the family of any addict to find of out the program that matches with the individual requirements. In case the addict feels comfortable with the selected facility, then he/she will stick to that program and follow it through the end. This thing will increase the scope of long term health as well as sobriety.

The drug rehab programs are mostly of two types: inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment program. Now let’s have some information about both of these types:

  • Inpatient treatment program: This type of the addiction treatment program mainly removes the addicts from their old life and then places them into some facility of a medically supervised treatment. Besides, the inpatient treatment facility also helps the addicts to eliminate their stress levels by removing them from the ability to relapse and from the temptation as well during the detox and the rehabilitation procedure. In the majority of the inpatient treatment programs, 24 hours medical supervision is offered to the patients during the detox.
  • Outpatient treatment program: The outpatient treatment program is quite similar to the inpatient programs. The only difference of this process is that here the addicts are allowed to stay in their homes during the treatment. In case the patient has some kind of familial obligations like as caring for the elderly parents or children, the outpatient treatment facility allows the patients to maintain their responsibilities. In a few cases, in case the patient has some work obligation, then they can also work part time while being in the outpatient program for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. So, this program is ideal for people with short-lived addictions and it is not recommended for people having long term or serious addictions.