How to Refill the Electronic Cigarettes?

The cartridges of the e cigarette are also very much functionally identical. At one end of these cartridges, include a mouthpiece from where the users draw the vapor and on the other part of the cartridge, it includes a liquid container filled with the polyester fiber. Besides, there is also an air intake duct that is located on the side of the e – liquid container. Refilling these cigarettes is really easy. One just needs to put several drops of the liquid into the filling and then one needs to wait for the absorption. This way, refilling can be continued until the filling absorbs the liquid.

After completing the refilling, tap the top of the cartridge with one paper towel or then suck back the excess liquid into the measuring pipette. Besides, it is also a good idea to add one drop of liquid onto the atomizer directly so that it doesn’t heat up before absorbing any liquid. After refilling, the cartridge is installed so that the entire liquid container goes into the atomizer. Then the e cigarette is ready to use. The users can either buy empty cartridges or can refill the used cartridges.

One of the best techniques of refilling the atomizer is direct dripping, where the e-liquid is directly added into the atomizer. Usually, the e-liquid is slowly drawn to the atomizer from the cartridge. While using this technique, one can remove the container of the e-liquid from the mouthpiece and then can use it or can use one dummy cartridge added in the atomizer while receiving the cartridge for the first time.

There is a curved steel wool in the interior of every atomizer. Add 2-4 drop of e liquid to the wool and then wait it to get absorbed, attach the mouthpiece and then you can start using. This technique generates loads of intense vapor quickly, but if you only add a little amount of e-liquid to the atomizer then it will not last for a long time and it will also reduce the lifespan of the atomizer.

The direct dripping technique is perfect for the closed model atomizer of the best e cigarette, where the heating element is located inside the atomizer. Though, the majority of the e-cigarettes have this kind of atomizer, but in case you find that the heating element of your e-cigarette model is exposed, then be cautious and use just a little amount of liquid in order to avoid the chance of excessive fluid leakage.