Do and Don’ts to Enhance Your E-Cig Battery Life

The e cigarettes are the battery operated devices and the batteries play major roles in these cigarettes. Therefore, it is important to take care of the batteries properly to extend the lifespan of the electronic cigarettes. Besides, the batteries also need proper handling and proper storage for safety, power output and maximized life.

Here in this article, you will find a complete guide mentioning the do and don’t s to enhance the lifespan of the electronic cigarette batteries. You can also find out this guide on the electronic cigarette websites if you choose to buy electronic cigarettes online.

But before learning about the instructions of preserving the electronic cigarette batteries in the best possible manner, it is better to learn about the batteries first.

Electronic cigarette batteries- what are they?

The batteries of the e cigarettes are basically the lithium-ion polymer batteries that last much longer than the disposable predecessors. Besides, these batteries are also rechargeable. So the users can use them over and over again. The lithium-ion batteries can be purchased while you buy electronic cigarettes online and after that you can recharge it again and again until the battery wears out and needs replacement. The best thing about these batteries is that it doesn’t cost a lot to replace these.

Do and don’t s to enhance the e-cigarette battery life:


  • Be aware of and understand all the serious dangers of dealing with the LiMN and Li-ion batteries regardless of the fact what you have heard from others
  • Always charge the batteries on a flame retardant and fire proof surface like natural stone, concrete or tile by using the corresponding charger, which is set to the proper setting for the battery.
  • Always dispose of the electronic cigarette batteries in a proper manner every time after use and then store the batteries in a non-conductive and protective case.


  • Never tamper with or disassemble the e-cig batteries anyway. Don’t continue to use in case you find out any signs of damage to the casing or the wrapper of the battery like the bulges, dents, tears, rips or scarring.
  • Never short the batteries intentionally by exposing those to the liquids, metal objects or by submerging the batteries completely into any conductive substances.
  • Don’t dispose of the electronic cigarette batteries in an improper way. The right method of disposal is at the local battery recycling center.
  • While charging, never leave the batteries unattended.