Topics for exemplification essay

An exemplification essay is to present the reader with numerous examples to support a generalization about a thesis. Would also often called trial argument or position. The writer takes a particular position on the subject and then defends the argument with many examples.

Creating the theme

The key to writing an exemplification essay is to have to get a generalization; the thesis should always have a generalization that needs to be defended. The examples support the arguments that the author presents the reader through anecdotes, facts and short stories. Modeling tests are successful if the thesis and argument are balanced, and if the writer uses a clear arguments supported by relevant examples language.

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Qualities that make a great athlete is

Athletes are gifted individuals have skills and abilities that set them apart from others. The qualities that these people have is a generalization and can be a good thesis for an essay exemplification. There are numerous examples where the confidence level of an athlete says his goal, and there are many examples where the sense of pride and responsibility athlete won the game. Confidence, pride and responsibility are examples of qualities, the writer can cite other to compose an essay convincing exemplification.

The health benefits of organ donation

Advances in medical science have enabled doctors to replace damaged organs or fatal impediments. Organ donation has been a subject of debate; some believe it is wrong harvesting organs from a human, while others believe otherwise. However, organ donation has saved lives, and has a long list of benefits. This can be an attractive topic to write as there are many examples in life where people would not have been saved if organ donation would not have been possible.

Successful individuals and formal education

The success of individuals who did not complete their higher education is also an interesting topic to write. The writer will have a good number of cases to rely on the defense of the thesis. Many people have succeeded in life despite the fact that he never completed his formal education. Bill Gates,  Mary Kay Ash, Walt Disney and Henry Ford are some of the examples that the writer can use to support the thesis of the essay.

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